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Our exquisite homes is located in convenient locations such as Seattle-Bellevue. The well-decorated rooms are the warm stops for your trip. We also provide guests with free information about Seattle's latest attractions . We also provide pick-up and charter services upon request.


Single room: $50 and up

Master bedroom: $65 and up

Single family house: seasonal price

Discounts available for more than two days


Staying at a local B&B home is becoming more and more popular. Seattle is a high-tech city with a reputation as a romantic city. Staying at a local B&B not only allows you to experience American-style family life, but it is also a great place to meet new people and share their experiences of travel and life. I hope that this is not only a small stop for you to rest, but also a harbor for your soul to renew.

Customer Feedback

The guide is careful and intimate when introducing the details of the attraction. The small car charter tour gives us a deep experience of the city of Seattle. ——Lulu

Customer Feedback


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